Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sorry, been busy

Hey everyone! Sorry again! I know that I said I would try to post some things, but it has been crazy around here. I have been going through things in my home, getting rid of stuff to make room for new!! I have also been busy making my products for customers. When I am not busy taking care of making things and sending them off, I have been relaxing or out of town. But not to worry I do check back frequently! I was asked the other day if I had a list up of prices. I do not, I can however do that! So, here in the near future I should have a list up of prices. They are just a base line, because like I say frequently I can change prices to help you out!!! I also combine shipping and will reduce prices on items if you are buying more than one of the same thing or a few or more items that are different! Talk with you all soon. Feel free to send me a message at:

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I was in a bit of a pickle.
    But I never stopped wanting to Blog
    I was just...never home.

    I was performing, then cuba, then performing

    AND now i'm stuck into another nerve wrecking situation.
    Did you change your layout?
    It looks nice